Richard Moore

Founding Fellow

At the age of ten, in 1972, Richard Moore was shot & blinded by a rubber bullet, fired by a British Soldier during the conflict in Derry, Northern Ireland. Richard has never allowed this experience to hinder or embitter him and has always forgiven the soldier. 33 years after the incident, Richard & Charles met and have remained good friends ever since.

Richard returned to his old school and eventually graduated from University of Ulster in 1983. He was a successful businessman, musician, is married with two children. Richard attributes his ability to accept blindness to the support he received from family, friends and the local community. Richard is now the Director of Children in Crossfire, which he founded in 1996, helping children caught in the crossfire of poverty in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet has described Richard as “His hero and a wonderful son of humanity”.